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Celebrate a Great Season

Choose us for your team banquet venue in Skowhegan, ME

You and your team worked hard this year. You deserve a celebration. T&B's Celebration Center makes a great team banquet venue. You will be able to reward your players with a fun party and a delicious meal.

We host banquets for all sorts of young sports teams, such as:

  • Hockey teams
  • Field hockey teams
  • Baseball teams
  • Dance squads
  • Football teams
  • Basketball teams
  • Soccer teams

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Host your banquet at our event venue

The final goal has been scored and the final scores have been tallied. Now all that's left to do is celebrate a fun-filled season of hard work and dedication. Our event venue is just the place to do that. Being a part of a team is a big part of children's and young adults' lives. A banquet is a great way to help them connect and reflect upon their past games and practices.

Contact us today to book a banquet at our event venue in Skowhegan, ME.